Terms of Use

Terms of Use


Hilan Ltd. (hereinafter: "Hilan") offers the information on this website (hereinafter: the "Service"), subject to the following terms and conditions, which are a precondition to the provision of the Service.
The term "User" hereinafter means any person who contacts or communicates with the Service and thereby agrees to these terms and conditions.
Hilan reserves the right to alter these Terms of Use from time to time, at its sole discretion. The modified terms will be effective immediately after being posted on the website.


Under copyright laws and any law, including international conventions, all copyrights and intellectual property rights in Hilan publications, including those published on this Service, belong to Hilan. Said rights cover, inter alia, text, pictures, images, illustrations, maps, audio clips, video clips, graphics and software applications (hereinafter: the "Copyrighted Material"), unless expressly stated that the rights in the Copyrighted Material belong to another party.
The User may make "fair use" of the Copyrighted Material, in accordance with the rules laid down by law and subject to that stated in these Terms of Use. Fair use includes reasonable quoting from the Copyrighted Material, subject to that stated below.
The User quoting as aforesaid must cite the source of the quotation, whether it is Hilan or another entity. The User may not distort, harm or otherwise alter the Copyrighted Material or perform any action that in any way impairs the value of the Copyrighted Material or that is liable to harm the dignity or reputation of the copyright owner.
Subject to copyright laws, the User may not copy, reproduce, duplicate, photograph, print, distribute, redistribute, retransmit or publish Copyrighted Material and/or attempt to decipher code or data, without prior written consent from Hilan.
The User undertakes to use the Service and the Copyrighted Material in accordance with the requirements of any law and subject to the directives and provisions on the website and in these Terms of Use.

Contacting Hilan

Any query regarding this Service, as well as questions concerning the spheres of activity of Hilan, may be addressed directly to Hilan at its e-mail address: marketing@hilan.co.il.


The Service is offered to the public "as is" and without any responsibility on Hilan's part for the Service and/or for its suitability to the User's needs and/or purposes.
Hilan shall bear no liability for the suitability of the Service to the User's needs. Likewise, Hilan shall bear no liability for errors and/or mistakes, if any, in the material displayed on the Service. Hilan shall bear no liability for modifications made by the User or by any third party in the material displayed on the Service.
The User shall bear sole responsibility for the manner in which he uses or may use the Service and for anything arising therefrom.
Hilan shall bear no liability for any damage caused to the User and/or any third party as a direct or indirect result of using the Service, including damage caused due to use of software applications downloaded directly through the Service or activated by use of the Service, including JavaScript, Active-X, Java or other applications.
Hilan shall bear no liability regarding availability of the Service and/or changes in its design and/or content, form, data accuracy, deficiencies in the manner of delivery thereof and data discrepancy therein, as well as direct or indirect damage, if any, arising therefrom,.
For the purpose of this section, Hilan includes also any affiliate, as well as any employee, representative and/or designee of Hilan and/or such affiliate.


The Service contains links to other sites. The provisions hereunder shall apply to the use of such links, and shall not derogate from the other provisions of the Terms of Use.
The links are intended solely for the convenience of the User.
With regard to links to external sites which do not belong to Hilan ("Third Party Sites"):

  • Unless otherwise noted on this site, there is no legal or commercial relationship between Hilan and the owners of Third Party Sites, and Hilan has no control over, or right in, the material found on such sites.
  • Hilan shall not be liable for the content of the material found on Third Party Sites.
  • Links to Third Party Sites shall not be construed as approval, authorization, a recommendation or preference given by Hilan to these linked sites, including documents and any other material found thereon, to the operators of these sites or to the products displayed on the sites.
  • At the time of including any link in this Service, it was found that the information on the linked site is appropriate for the purposes of the Service, and that the link itself is working appropriately. Nonetheless, it is possible that, over time, changes have occurred on the linked site. If the User believes the linked site or material is unsuitable or finds that the link is not working appropriately, he is requested to notify the manager of the website of this marketing@hilan.co.il.

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