Success stories

Success stories

  • "There has been a decline in the number of errors and the level of controls enforced is of the highest quality" says Dana Barzilai, VP Global HR at Cyberbit

    A few words about Cyberbit:
    Cyberbit develops coaching and simulation systems for cyber attack defenses and cyber security products for IT networks and infrastructure systems. The company was established in 2015 and has grown to some 300 employees in the past four years. We nowadays have offices in the United States, India, Germany and Singapore. We joined the Hilan BPO services a year ago.

    What were the considerations that lead to the decision to join Hilan BPO services?
    One of the most sensitive issues in the organization is the employee payroll. This issue is sensitive for both employees and managers.
    The employee invests his all and expects to receive a reliable, precise and transparent wage together with highly-available, professional and pleasant service. From the employer’s point of view, this is the most substantial expense in the organization and he has to make sure it is managed as professionally as possible and as well as possible.
    Like the rest of the organizations in Israel, we too face quite a few challenges. Having to cope with regulatory compliance in terms of employment, the need to provide highly available, quality service to the employees, the day-to-day operation, dealing with manpower churn, full compliance with the legal requirements and with the organizational wage policy, etc.
    Given the sensitivity and importance of this issue, we decided we wanted a professional company within the Israeli ecosystem, with a high standard of service and we therefore chose Hilan.
    Can you point out one or more meaningful advantages of working with BPO services?
    The first and foremost advantage is the Best Practice, which is integrated into every relevant field in the joint work.
    Another advantage is the people and the service. It was important to me that they should talk to our employees as equals. The Hilan team consists of “soul players”.
    They are attentive, they are well in control of the material and they engage in emergencies.
    As you mentioned earlier, payroll is a highly sensitive issue in the organization. How, despite that, do you “let go” of such a sensitive issue to be handled by an external entity?
    There’s no doubt this move comes with quite a few concerns and that it involves stringent examination. I can wholeheartedly say that the results speak for themselves. There has been a decline in the number of errors and the level of controls enforced is of the highest quality.
    Besides, Hilan has shown flexibility to accommodate the structure of the reports we asked for, and we can see their insistence on delivering the information in full detail and on time (sometimes even ahead of time).
    How would you sum up the migration to Hilan’s BPO services?
    This move enables us continuity in handling payroll (as opposed to changes in staffing, which occur from time to time). We are given a professional, precise solution to every payroll-related issue. The migration has given us as an organization confidence and peace of mind in all matters related to handling the payroll.

  • "Today, the process is simple. All necessary adjustments to comply with the Bank's requirements were executed and manual intervention minimized..." says Dafna Katan, payroll department manager at the Bank of Israel, speaking about the 101 e-Form solution

    What were we looking for?
    To streamline the distribution of forms to employees, completion of the forms, and their return to Payroll department
    To track and send reminders more efficiently
    Automate the entry of changes directly into the payroll system
    The possibility of digital documentation in the long-term

    What did we gain? Everything we were looking for, and more...
    Minimization of manual intervention and typing errors
    Time savings
    The ability to attach tax certificates
    Stringent use of required fields that prevented partial completing of the forms
    Tracking and control of the status of submissions, and sending of targeted reminders accordingly

  • "The solution affords us a sense of security and peace of mind. Hilan's digital onboarding and termination solution makes things easier for everyone, both employees and other stakeholders in the organization", says Alona Livne, payroll specialist at Nespresso Israel

    "One of the reasons why we decided to implement Hilan's digital onboarding and termination solution at Nespresso is the fact that half of the company's workforce is distributed at points-of-sale throughout the country. Hilan's digital onboarding and termination solution makes things easier for everyone, both employees and other stakeholders in the organization.


    Using the module, we can set up number of forms associated with different populations, thus avoiding unnecessary distribution of employee onboarding and termination forms to non-relevant stakeholders within the organization.


    In the past, signing onboarding and termination forms meant that many of organization's administrator stakeholders had to be available to sign and manage the onboarding and termination process of employees. We have realized that this was somewhat outdated and unwieldy approach.


    The moment we got to know about the option of working with a digital onboarding and termination solution, we didn't had second thoughts. Today, the party handling the matter can choose convenient time to attend to the form, without any actual interruptions. By using a digital form, we can track the status of the form's completion quickly and reliably, in the press of a button.


    The result is that we can rest easy while knowing that nothing remains open, providing us with a sense of security and peace of mind.

    Moreover, I would add that the integration process is extremely quick, user-friendly, and done in fruitful cooperation with the implementation team."

  • We found ourselves with drawers filled with endless amounts of paperwork! Today, all the proof of payments are scanned into the system, and the history of the reports can be tracked at the press of a button... Hilan's digital solution contributed to better management of reimbursement of expenses in the organization and to storing of the information in the employee's personal file", says Orit Segev, Payroll Department Manager at Tower Semiconductor Ltd.

    Tower Semiconductor Ltd. has a workforce of 1600. We need to reimburse a great many employees on a whole range of expenses (fuel, travel and hosting expenses, etc.). Before we started to use Hilan's solution, employees completed reimbursement of expenses forms, attached receipts, and transferred the request for a round of signatures, a process that sometimes took a very long time and delayed reimbursement. Storing of the documents was also very cumbersome. We found ourselves with drawers filled with endless amounts of paperwork! Today, all the proof of payments are scanned into the system, and the history of the reports can be tracked at the press of a button. The availability of the documents, transparency of the information, and naturally the savings in paperwork, are just some of the benefits of the Hilan solution. The digital solution contributed to better management of reimbursement of expenses in the organization and to storing of the information in the employee's personal file. Because the system is used by many employees, it was important to me that the system be user-friendly, and I'm happy to say that the system is very very user-friendly. The process is efficient and quick for the manager, the payroll accountant and the employee, who can track the round of signatures until its arrival at the Payroll Section. It is important to emphasize that the integration process undertaken with the implementers involved fruitful cooperation with the team, who responded to our various requests and made every effort to adapt the solution to the company's needs. After the integration and starting of the process, we needed updates from time to time, and we received excellent service. All the kudos to them!!!

  • "Thanks to Hilan BI, today we have far better control of the steering wheel!" Yuval Adar, CFO, Hadassah Medical Center

    "We were looking for an efficient reporting tool that would enable us to obtain a full picture of the human capital, and deliver payroll control of a high standard and multidimensional data analysis, for different time periods.

    The Hilan BI system enables us to deal with the changes and business challenges in a much better way. We possess information that enables us to better plan expenses and the cash flow and enhance our business acumen. We engage more in analysis of reports and drawing of conclusions, and less in the building of reports.

    The availability of the information and the quality of the data facilitate an understanding of the situation at any given moment: A great variety of information is accessible at any time as well as answers to important, immediate business questions, without the need for advance preparations. The management reports enable better planning of the organization's budget and the organization's workforce needs.

    Hadassah employs a workforce of 5,500, and payroll expenses constitutes 75% of its expenditure (NIS 1.6 billion a year). Before the system was installed, a considerable amount of time was required to generate management reports, work generally done by hand. The data analysis work was conducted by an analyst, who, each month, on the basis of the workload, issued a regular analysis of reports. Adding information dimensions to the ongoing reports required advance preparation, and some of the requested reports were not available. Payroll control was conducted manually and the ability to analyze the databases was limited.

    In considering the benefits of the system, without question, the transparency of the information is the prime advantage. We have a much better understanding of the past, and can better predict the future, both financially and qualitatively. We plan the cash flow much more accurately; at the press of a button, we know the expected rate of retirement, and the mix of personnel that need to be recruited. These data were not easily accessible in the past, and we had to produce them anew each time, manually.

    Another prime advantage of the system is that most of the reports required for work on an ongoing basis are structured in advance, so that no knowledge is required in order to benefit from the information. Brief practice with the system enables even the basic user to find any item of data required. Here at Hadassah, the system is used by: the VP Human Resources, payroll accounting, the treasurer, the Budget Department and the CFO.

    We also want to commend the ongoing relationship with the implementers at Hilan. During the implementation of the system, we requested various adjustments to match the reports to the organization's needs. We held regular meetings with the implementers, heard their recommendations on the subject, and adapted the reports on the basis of the insights that we gained from their cumulative experience. What's more, after the system went live, we collected feedback during the work process, and sat with the implementers to execute the necessary corrections".

  • "Thanks to the payroll control system, our constant race against time is a thing of the past..." Nurit Koren, Payroll Section Manager, ISCAR

    "We always dreamed about a system that would help us with payroll control, save us time and show up hidden problems.
    Hilan's payroll control system gives us the peace of mind we sought, in terms of the time pressures of the tests, the work time it consumed of the section team, and in terms of locating problems, paper savings...

    Before the system was installed, we had to deal with a number of difficulties, including the time factor, the quality of the test, and the amount of paper used in printing the tests. We used to print all the pay slips (for 2,800 employees!) And check each and every pay slip by hand. There was this constant race against time because we pay wages on the 5th of the month. The test required two employees and about two workdays in all, and even then we couldn't uncover all the errors.
    I must admit that at the beginning we were very apprehensive, so that for the first test reports after the system was set up, we did the test both by hand, and simultaneously, through the payroll control system. Naturally, the system won and we found more errors through it than the test by hand.
    The system easily found different faults, such as employees who did not have long-term pension plans, duplicate codes, codes that were not meant to appear in a certain month, etc.

    Today, the test is performed by two employees simultaneously, and the total test time lasts no more than an hour. The problems are easily and quickly flagged, and corrections can be made in a timely manner.

    Another important factor to mention is the relationship with the implementers at Hilan, which constitutes an integral part of the ongoing work. Our implementer is one-of-a-kind and special; there never was and never will be someone like him!"

  • "Hilan Direct Pension offers employers exactly what they need for successful pension administration: efficiency, full transparency, transfer of accurate and valid data to the fund management companies, without third party intervention, and compliance with the requirements of the law" Poli Naftali, Payroll Manager, Marvell

    "At the start of the reform, we had many fears; there was uncertainty about whether the fund management companies were ready, and there were concerns about chaos in the pension arena. After much hesitation, we reached a decision in January 2016, and entered into a contract with Hilan Direct Pension as the administration body. Today, after a year and a half of working together, we are very happy with the decision and we know with certainty that it was the right step. The transition was highly successful, went smoothly without a hitch, and the Hilan Direct Pension team granted us professional support, flexibility, availability, and service-orientation"

    The work process before the changeover to Hilan Direct Pension involved working with three pension arrangement managers. The process included consulting and administration, and the monies transferred to the fund management companies went through trust accounts of the pension arrangement managers. The process was cumbersome and involved a number of difficulties, including: manual intervention of the pension arrangement managers in certain instances in order to rectify the split of the monies going out from the payroll system to the insurance companies, splits that were not updated correctly by the pension arrangement managers; plus the struggle by the pension arrangement managers to control the correctness of the monthly split of the money, to the extent that alerts about corrections (exceptions report) were only received months later.

    "Moreover, in preparing for the new legislation allowing every employee to choose their own agent, we understood that the workload on our staff was about to increase significantly. After the changeover to Hilan Direct Pension and to the new agents interface, we did not experience heavy workloads consequent to the legislation, and from our perspective, it was the optimal solution"
    "In the wake of the legislation and the uniform interface, we wanted to concentrate the organization's pension administration under a single roof; it was important for us to have control and to implement direct control without a third party. Today, we can view the feedback reports in the Hilan Direct Pension system at any given moment, both at the fund management company level and at the employee level, and there is full transparency in respect of all the information received from the fund management company in real time"

    Hilan Direct Pension delivers regular updates, handles fund management company errors, provides a fast and professional response to every problem and question that arises; and with the new interface, the fund management company is directly updated with the employee status from within the system, such as in instances of: unpaid leave, maternity leave, or termination.

  • "We were looking for a smart system that would be able to help us with payroll control management… We decided on Hilan's advanced system, and we have already seen a quantum leap in the quality of the tests and availability of the information… Petah Tikva Municipality CIO, Anat Shlomovits

    Hilan deployed an advanced BI-based payroll control management system in the Petah Tikva municipality, which helps payroll controllers to better manage payroll control of all the municipality's employees, including all the departments, to reduce errors in the wages of its employees, and to prevent or locate errors in the shortest possible time.

    Anat Shlomovits, Petah Tikva municipality CIO said: "As part of the work plan and the joint activity with the municipality's units, we looked for a smart system that would be able to help us manage payroll control, both for the Human Resources Administration and for the Accounting Department. We decided on Hilan's advanced system, and we have already seen a quantum leap in the quality of the tests and availability of the information. The system enables us to locate discrepancies and to obtain information according to a wide variety of filters. We view Hilan as a strategic partner in the management of the municipality's human capital and we are happy with the collaboration that has developed".

    The project was crowned outstanding project in a competition for outstanding IT for the year 2016 organized by People & Computers; Hilan congratulates the Petah Tikva municipality on the award.

  • "We chose Hilan's payroll accounting solution as part of our strict adherence to professionalism", Broadcom Israel CFO Meir Halberstam

    Founded in 1991, Broadcom is an international company that designs integrated circuits for the communications industry. The company has a workforce of 500 in Israel.

    In January 2013, Broadcom elected to join Hilan's clientele and today benefits from Hilan's services, including: Hilanet payroll web portal, Hilan time & attendance mobile solution, Hilanet time & attendance web portal, payroll control solution, Digital 101, and payroll accounting.

    At a panel of payroll accounting customers, Broadcom Israel CFO Meir Halberstam said:
    "Broadcom is a stickler for professionalism. Every time we acquired a company, we had to cope with regulations and standards, and we wanted someone on the outside to accompany us, to be our professional partner, so that we would have the comfort of knowing that everything was being done the right way... With Hilan, we feel at ease. We feel that Hilan understands us. We feel their professionalism… Ultimately, it's all about the relationship."