Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility


Hilan is proud to present its unique and welcome collaboration with NGORound-Up, in the first project of its kind in Israel and worldwide, which aims to encourage and greatly increase the scale of donating in Israel.

As a leading business firm, Hilan is also committed to social issues; it is not only solely a business enterprise driven by the bottom line, but it is also committed to the public and the community in which it operates, and seeks to contribute to bettering Israeli society.

By means of the new initiative, we enable our customers to make their contribution to social responsibility in a simple and convenient professional way. We are proud to be the pioneers in Israel in joining this welcome endeavor, which is set to become a big and singular social responsibility initiative in Israel and worldwide.

Hilan has developed a special-purpose module in the payroll system enabling our customers to propose to their employees to round down their salary, to define the size of their donation, and to select the NGO that they each want to donate to. The employer can also donate a matching amount to the same NGOs chosen by the employee and to increase the size of the donation. Joining the initiative and use of the new module is provided free of charge by Hilan as a service to our customers, and does not incur any cost to the employer.

A small monthly donation by a large number of employees can add up to hundreds of millions of shekels a year to advance social responsibility goals.

Simply doing good.

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