About Hilan

Hilan is the leading company in Israel in the field of development and implementation of advanced computerized systems for overall management of the enterprise human resource. Hilan has a track record of dozens of years’ worth of activity in all market sectors, rendering services to over 1,800 organizations and companies, which combine over 800,000 employees.


Hilan's integrative system is one of the most advanced in the field of payroll, time & attendance, pension administration and human resources data processing in Israel.
The system is extremely user friendly, enabling end-users to independently perform data retrieval, issue queries and generate reports at any cross-section or according to flexible sorting criteria. The system is an effective decision-support management tool.


the professionalism of Hilan’s service personnel and the many control systems developed at Hilan, will enable you to benefit from the advantages of our advanced technology featuring high-quality human engineering, professionalism in service delivery and precise control systems.


Operated by subsidiaries, Hilan has additional IT services activities specializing in different aspects of IT infrastructure, security and data management.